Patrick McGinlay's Internet Tendency

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DECEMBER 4, 2002

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Dear friends,

Until recently, I had the honour of referring to myself as "Patrick McGinlay, MP". But, as many of you will know, I recently lost my seat in Victoria's Legislative Assembly.

This has of course been a devastating blow to my constituents in the electoral district of Parnell, many of whom were great supporters of my endeavours, and whom endeavoured to support me, and to them I say Thank You, when and if I run into them on the street.

Love and peace to you all.

However, I am putting my defeat at the hands of the major parties and corporate interests behind me. If any of you would like to look at my (now closed) political web-site, my webmaster David has archived it here for your edufication.

I pondered for many hours as to where my life should go from here. I have been many things: a son, a brother, an actor, a member of the newcombe team, an arts student, a member of Young Labor, an economics student, a member of Young Liberals, a clothing store assistant manager, a clothing store manager, a consultant, an inpatient, an electorate officer and finally, an independent politician serving the good people of Parnell.

It was not long before I realised that what I do now must serve as a beacon, shining upon my goal of the future: to become a member of the Australian Federal Parliament. To do that, I must follow the road paved by so many feet before me... and join the media.

That is why I have established McGINLAY'S INTERNET POSSIBILITITY. From this humble web-site, I will spew forth my personal opinion on today's filmic, musical and literary culture. And so will my staffers, whose opinions you will respect, even if you do not agree with them.

But my corner of the media will not be the staid, dry tongue of what we call the "mass media". It will be an oasis of free thought and discussion. We will stun you with our insightful dissertations, the likes of which have never been seen this side of the Pacific. We will write reviews, but not those to which you are used: at times, our reviews will break off from simple analytical text and become works of great art themselves, occasionally so tangentially linked to their subjects that it may seem as though we have not seen the film/heard the CD/read the book at all.

Great journalism is not born, it is made. And from now on, it will be made here.

If you are a creator, send me your film pass, CD or literary creation and we may assess it.

If you are a publicist, send me your client's film pass, CD or literary creation and we may assess it.

If you are a professional journalist, albeit one with a gleam in his (or her) eye and grit in his (or her) jaw, feel free to contact me for permission to write a review for this journal.

But when you do, remember this above all else:

We cannot pay you.


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