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December 14, 2002

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I like Jackie Chan, I like his Hong Kong films, and I thought "Rush Hour" was O.K., and I swear I'm not just being a nasty cynical prick. "The Tuxedo" really is crap. Here are the worst things about it:

  • The script.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt screaming about various things.

  • Everything else.

Instead of "The Tuxedo", why not see "Adaptation" on Boxing Day? It's by the writer and director of "Being John Malkovich". Or see the "Lord of the Rings" sequel. Or just see the Bond film. At least Halle Berry is in a bikini in that.



Like Dave i too love Jackie Chan's hong kong films and i'll go as far to say i enjoyed rush hour 1 and 2 but the Tuxedo seems to the end of Jackie Chan films. Lets face it he's not as young as he used to be and after a long time he has finally broken into the US market but making films like this hurt his loyal fans like myself.

To counteract the lame storyline and even lamer fights scene the
scriptwriter and director have resorted to some good old T and A by having Jennifer love hewitt in skimpy outfits and low cut dresses. Yes if your 13 and just hit puberty you might enjoy that but i'd recomend hiring "heartbreakers" (one of her most recent films) for that.

Lets hope that jackie learns from this and comes back with a much better film next time.

Drunken Master: *****
Rush Hour: ***1/2
Rush hour 2: ***
The Tuxedo: * (for Jen's cleavage)



"The Tuxedo" is a film which stars Hong Kong fight master Jackie Chan and screen siren Jennifer Love Hewitt (better known for her role as the sweet Melissa on "Party Of Five").

In "The Tuxedo", Jackie Chan plays Jimmy Tong, a taxi driver who finally has a chance to better himself when Clark Devlin, an international super-spy, gives him a job as his limo driver. There's only one rule: don't touch Devlin's tux.

But when Devlin is blown up and sent to hospital, Jackie must wear the tuxedo, which has technological powers! It interfaces with his brain and makes him able to dance, sing and beat people up like Jackie Chan! (!)

Jackie, impersonating Clark Devlin, meets his new partner, Del Griffith (Jennifer) who is a no-nonsense laboratory scientist, but one that looks great in a backless evening gown! Together, Jackie and Jennifer join forces to beat the evil Banning, who wants to taint the world's water supply so that everyone has to drink his own brand of bottled water.

"The Tuxedo" is a worthy successor to the James Bond movies. Jackie fights great as always, and Jennifer looks gorgeous as always. It is flawed, but maybe would be a perfect video rental.

I give "The Tuxedo"... ***½ stars.

Stars: Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Release Date: January 1, 2002
Rated: M
Running Time: 99 minutes
Showing: General release


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