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February 5, 2002

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My readers,

I feel I must apologise for the lack of new content here at McGinlay's. Much of the day-to-day work here has been delegated by me to my crack crew of young writers. Unfortunately, they often find themselves losing focus. This is a common occurrence among the untried and inexperienced, even when they have genius-level intellects, as I think a couple of them do.

Nevertheless, I have motivated a few of the staff to write by setting them a quick exercise (just like in school!) -- what did you do over the holidays, guys?...





this summer i went on a spiritial quest to tibet. On my journey i met a strange wizard name Gildermor who sent me on a journey to sort after the three keys of Isengild. These keys allowed me to enter the Temple of Akbar. Once inside the Temple i had to search for the 7 gems of Agildnar which would allow me to save the ent people and free the monhearters. Once all these where free i completed my journey for Gildermor and continued on my quest to Tibet where i met some lovely people. The rest was pretty shit


Patrick really shits me most of the time. That cock never even looks at the internet. That's why I can insult him like this. And even if he saw it... what's he gonna do? Fire me from my job that pays me nothing? Idgit first class. Hell, I'm hosting this stupid site. I could turn it off right now and the chump would never know.

Still, I did want to mention the documentary "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown". It's about Motown's house band, the Funk Brothers, who played on virtually every hit song the Detroit label put out in the '60s. It's pretty excellent, and virtually everybody has heard and enjoyed a few of Motown's songs, so the film is worth a look just for the kickass soundtrack. The remaining Funk Brothers get together for a big concert featuring a bunch of different singers, including Bootsy Collins and Ben Harper. Even Joan Osborne comes off soulful and sexy in front of the Funk Brothers.


Unlike most of my friends I did not make the journey over to Perth, none of them went together, in fact they didn't even meet each other over there, they just kinda went. I did most of the usual Lenny things, worked, played cricket, invaded Spain, the usual stuff. There were some highlights which I will endeavour to list for you.

A week or two before Christmas I held a little BBQ called "A Very Lenny Christmas". The main reason for this was because I got a huge hamper from work including a very large turkey. As far as turkeys go it weighed 36 kilos, but first it had to be cooked and more importantly stuffed with Deb*. This was fun by itself, but not as much fun as AVLC. Lots of fun was had by all, there was wine and turkey. There was cricket and turkey. There was Bissli and Turkey. There was Soccer and Turkey. There were prayers and Turkey. There was even a Christmas pudding**. As the scenic surrounds of Caulfield Park got too dark to see and Paul arrived after a hard day of pimping comedy tickets we sojourned to the pub, where we proceeded to get even more drunk. But none of this was the highlight. The highlight involved the aforementioned pudding which was rescued by Bolton and made it with us to the pub, where we added custard bought from Coles and ate this disgusting feast (not turkey). There was some custard left over after the pudding was discarded, which Rolex and I had much fun throwing at cars. I put forward that no more fun can be had than throwing custard at cars. Waiting on the side of Princes Hwy partly obscured by bushes waiting for cars to come around the bend, giggling like school girls and with a single swift flick of the wrist launching creamy custard from the spout onto unsuspecting cars, hearing the splat as it hits the cars, doing no harm but geez it's fun for an immature mind.

I only got as far as one highlight.

* The person not the potato mash.

** Luckily for us the pudding that we ate wasn't a magical self-regenerating pudding that went around on thin spindly legs swearing at people and asking them to eat it, but instead it was a cute one rescued by Bolton.


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