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March 28, 2003

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L'Oréal Paris Ready To Wear 4 presented by Harper's Bazaar: Akira, Nicola Finetti, Scanlan & Theodore, T.L. Wood, Aurelio Costarella, Leona Edmiston
Tuesday, 6:30pm, Regent Plaza Ballroom

L'Oréal Paris Ready To Wear 5: Gwendolynne, Ellin Ambe, Body, Mad Cortes, Jain, Trelise Cooper


Oh fashion week, what can I say, I love it! It means the beginning of a whole new season, therefore a new wardrobe. It means to me and many other fashion victims, yes, I did say fashion victims, what the new 'black' is and in this years case, I would say that the new black, is, well, black… There were two shows that I desperately wanted to attend this year. Ready to wear 4 and 5 held during the second day of fashion week.

Ready to wear 4 was sold out weeks ahead, due to the fact that the Duchess of York, or to some, the Duchess of Pork, Fergie was in attendance, which put the paparazzi into a frenzy! This show featured more contemporary Australian designers that have been established in the minds of fashionites (I think I just made up a new word!) for a few years now, Akira, Nicola Finetti, Scanlan & Theodore, T.L. Wood, Aurelio Costarella and Leona Edmiston. I will not go into the splendid details of these fabulous designs, but instead give you a few inspired tips from these designers that should get you through this winter.

Colours: red, black, chocolate brown, grey (yes grey is resurfacing), cream/white, tan and emerald for a splash of colour

Themes: Asian, hoods (think little red riding hood), military, Paris in the 1920s, (complete with berets), belted high waists (yes, we are finally steering away from the tradesman bum theme), plush poverty and of course sexy

Accessories: High boots, long scarves, carpet bags, stockings and high waisted belts

Must haves: tailored long jacket, knickerbockers, wide leg sailor style pant, structured skirt, a sexy silk dress, asian style top, fitted jacket, boots, something in plaid or tweed and a short skirt or shorts

How to wear it: Never wear two themed pieces together, combat pants and military style jackets should never be seen together. Choose each piece carefully, mixing the colors, having a signature color in each mix. Wear your scarves long, not only do they keep your neck warm, they look great as well.

Ready to wear 5 is what I had been really been waiting for, with designs from Gwendolynne, Ellin Ambe, Body, Mad Cortes, Jain, and Trelise Cooper. I knew I was about to be truly inspired to spend big dollars next time I took a trip to Chapel, Barkly and Greville streets. These designers are the up and coming within the Australian fashion scene. To wear these labels now, is to be truly cool and in 4 years time, when everyone else are wearing these labels, you will be able to look at your friends smugly, saying that you have been wearing this gear, well, for years - darling…

So what do you look out for if you are young and cool, or trying to be young and cool!

Colors: black, white/crème, gray, muted shades of pink, muted green, military green, brown, beige and red

Themes: timeless modern, 1980s, sporty, pop culture, 1920s, vintage sailor, post apocalyptic military, royal rags, hoods, sexy layers

Accessories: scarves, leather and wool leg warmers, leather belts and gloves, jiffy's, arm warmers, waisted belts, long boots

Must haves: see-through mesh like top, structured skirt, high wasted belt, leg warmers, long jacket, signature piece in gold or red, pants with buckles detail, something in lace, a top with a hood

How to wear it: Wear it with confidence, with attitude. To make new fashion work for you, you have to be comfortable. Just like you can spot the out of towner's on Acland or Fitzroy Streets, you can spot a person who cannot wear new fashion. So strut girl (& boy), strut it!!!


Designer Salon Show - Calvin Klein Underwear
Wednesday, 1pm, Sofitel Melbourne


The Calvin Klein underwear parade showed us once again that fashion can be included as part of everyone’s day to day wardrobe. Calvin Klein underwear has an international reputation for style and simplicity and the Calvin Klein underwear on parade at the Melbourne Fashion Festival was no exception.

In men’s underwear a range of boxers and briefs were on offer, particularly vertical striped boxers with deep browns and purples and bold colours noticeably red briefs, were a dominant part of the collection. The collection also included a series of matching briefs and dressing gowns that displayed sexuality and necessity.

In women’s underwear a range of bikinis and briefs and g-strings were highly sensual and presented as comfortable and stylish. Apart from standard white there were a number of ensembles that also drew heavily from the bold colours also seen in the men’s underwear parade.

What comes through in the Calvin Klein range is that bold flat colours and deeper striped patterns are in, and the sexuality and sensuality of underwear does not have to be lost due to necessity.



I'd never been to a runway show before this, having previously assumed them to be largely the domain of rich, deluded people in $900 shirts, all drinking champagne and being irritating. In actual fact, many were drinking Italian soda water, and none of them irritated me personally.

I do not dress fashionably. To this show I wore a royal blue T-shirt with a cartoon dog on the front, slightly mottled blue jeans, white sports socks and brown BKs. I won't say I felt right at home when we walked into the show, held at one of the CBD's swankier hotels. On a number of occasions, I thought I'd spotted a model, only to see that she had a "MEDIA" pass like ours around her neck.

Pretty soon we were on the sidelines of the runway, and after some stilted introduction from the Melbourne editor of Instyle (focused largely on what kind of underwear certain celebrities like to wear), the show started.

After the mostly nude girls started strutting out, my brain started to wander off the task at hand, so my report will be short and with few words over two syllables:

This year's Calvin Klein ladies' lingerie is small and seethrough and tucks away easily. It looks good on really thin, tall women with nice faces. Some of it was black and some was white. Later there was some in other colours, like pink and grey. Some was shiny too. The models' long hair sometimes rested between their breasts. They looked a little ill when they posed. I thought they should have given each other onstage high-fives more often, like at the end of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". One of the models smiled a fair bit. I suspected she'd be reprimanded for this backstage. I thought she might be the only one with a personality. I named her "Tiffany".

The menswear had a lot of teeny tiny vertical stripes. I don't know if that's a new thing or not. I suspect not.

The giveaway bags had very small ladies' briefs and G-strings in them.


Designer Salon Show - Matisse Boutique
Wednesday, 5:30pm, Sofitel Melbourne


There was obviously meant to be some kind of Loose, Free '60s™-themed thing going on at the start of this one. The models kept doing these groovy, funky moves and flashing "peace" signs with their fingers when they got to the end of the runway, which kind of annoyed me but presumably was not their idea.

Then there was one big, foofy brown velvety coat that kind of looks like our old couch did in its heyday. It was cool. There were also a lot of funny hats at wacky angles.

Contrary to what one might think, having read my mono-adjectival, occasionally puerile and adolescent response to the CK show, I do have an art and design background and am sometimes able to offer an intelligent opinion on such matters (although I generally prefer making dirty puns if any are available). I personally favour clean, flat, unadorned blocks of colour and classic duotones in most "design" situations. As such, I thought some of this stuff was good looking, and some (like anything involving leopard-prints and stupid plastic shit) was not. That's just me, though. And I still think the models should have high-fived each other.

"Tiffany" showed up again. I'm starting to wonder if her unnaturally happy demeanour isn't just an indication of bimbotic tendencies.



They say that clothing cycles around so if you hold onto your clothes long enough they'll become cool and fashionable again. But seriously there was some ugly stuff in this range. I don't know much about the 60s i wasn't there, I'm only 21 but if this is what they wore back then no wonder people did a lot of drugs and had lots of sex they didn't want to wear some ugly crap.

My favourite part was when the backing music was just a bell ringing and the three models on stage moved very slowly in time with the bell ringing. It just seemed funny to me. I'll admit some of the fashion i saw did look good but avoid the 60s stuff.


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