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August 7, 2003

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A bunch of people are going to be turned off this movie immediately when they hear it stars Kurt Russell. Another bunch of people will be turned off when they hear it co-stars Scott Speedman. However, I'm here to tell you that DARK BLUE is no CAPTAIN RON, nor is it FELICITY. It is in fact a very good cop movie. You like cop movies? Then you should go see DARK BLUE.

Dark Blue is set in Los Angeles, 1991, just before the verdict on the four cops who beat Rodney King is announced. Kurt Russell is a crooked badass cop and Scott Speedman is his green rookie partner. Kurt looks like shit in this movie, which is great. In addition to this, there's a corrupt Whitey named Jack (Brendan Gleeson), an Angry Black Lieutenant (ABL)* played by Ving Rhames and a couple of stupid thieves, one of whom is entertainingly played by Dash Mihok, who I know I've seen somewhere before but I'm not sure where. It was probably in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet, or maybe on Law & Order.

Anyway, this is a good movie, particularly if, like me, you enjoy cops who kick down doors and hit people and fire guns, and watch shows like NYPD Blue and The Shield. It should be made clear, however, that Dark Blue is in fact a drama and not a comedy.




Kurt Russell's peak of stardom was in the '80s - '90s, so I think there is no coincidence here that he is playing a cop in the early '90s, complete with that era's hairstyle, for which he is famous. While on that note, it's good to see him working again, and in a good film for once.

It's also good that there are no good cops or bad cops in this film.
Everyone has a secret and with a run time of 118 minutes we are allowed to get know our characters, which is becoming rare in films these days.

Unfortunately, we don't really get any "badge and gun"** scenes but still fun for the cop film lovers like us.

* Rhames' character is an Assistant Police Chief, not a Lieutenant. I'm referring to the common decision by film and TV makers to place the token black character in a position of power over the main, white, characters in order to make it seem that he has some power, when in fact it's always the white police chief, or "the mayor", who is the ultimate authority.

** That's where the cop, frustrated with his superiors, hands in his gun and badge so he may take on the criminals solo, on their turf. Or sometimes, the ABL will just fire him, insisting on his handing in his gun and badge. Either way, he ends up taking on the criminals solo, on their turf.



I saw American Pie, and I thought it was OK. I didn't see the second one. The third one, American Wedding (renamed American Pie: The Wedding in Australia so as not to confuse those who are waiting for a sequel to American Beauty) would probably be fun for those who love are care about these characters, or at least the ones who returned for this third Pie (none of the girls are in it except Alyson Hannigan, of Buffy and "band camp" fame). I personally have no real love or caring for Jim or Finch or Stifler or the other guy whose name doesn't matter, so I wasn't excited by the movie. Actually, the characters are all OK. Finch is cool. The problem is that what they say isn't especially funny, and the editing is kind of fucked. I'm guessing there was a lot chopped out of this movie at various points.

But if you like Stifler... THIS MOVIE HAS ALL THE STIFLER YOU CAN HANDLE! They should have changed the title to STIFLER'S BIG MOVIE for all the Stifler that's in here! You get to see Stifler being a jerk, Stifler lying, Stifler swearing and even STIFLER GETTING SEXUAL GRATIFICATION FROM SOMETHING INAPPROPRIATE... TWICE!

The best part of this film was where Alyson Hannigan has a little chat with Eugene Levy (Jim's Dad). Eugene Levy is a very funny man, and his eyebrows are just excellent. For primo Eugene Levy fun, go see A Mighty Wind, also out at the moment.

If, however, you see A Mighty Wind and you really feel you need a little more big-screen Eugene Levy action, American Pie has it. There's not much, but what's there is OK.

DARK BLUE stars Kurt Russell, Scott Speedman and Brendan Gleeson. It is rated R and is 118 minutes long. It opens today.

AMERICAN WEDDING PIE stars Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan and Eugene Levy. It is rated MA 15+ and is 100 minutes long. It has one scene with naked tits. It opens today.

A MIGHTY WIND stars Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Fred Willard, et al. It is rated PG and is 92 minutes long. It opened at selected cinemas last week.

BIKER BOYZ stars Laurence Fishburne, Derek Luke and Kid Rock. It is rated M and is 110 minutes long. It opened two weeks ago.

BAD EGGS stars Mick Molloy, Bob Franklin, Judith Lucy and Alan Brough. It is rated M and is 98 minutes long, but I reckon they could've cut another 10-15 minutes out of it. It opened two weeks ago.


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