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August 28, 2003

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When Paul Coleman (Jason Lee) wakes up the morning after his bachelor party in bed with a strange woman named Becky (Julia Stiles), he presumes he must have cheated on his fiancée, Karen (Selma Blair). Guilt leads him to try to cover it up in the week before the wedding and hijinks ensue.

This film is quite amusing and Lee is excellent as the confused and groom trying to not lie to his fiancée but yet end up having to. The bits where we see Paul thinking about the possible ramifications of being honest with Karen are quite funny.

Jason Lee is best known for his roles in Kevin Smith films, especially for his supporting roles in Mallrats and Chasing Amy. It does scare me however, that Lee isn't a big enough star for studios to put him in good films like the upcoming Fletch Won. They do however, put him in formulaic romantic comedies, and that what we got here.



Jake has allowed me to come in at this point and mention how it's too bad that Jason Lee won't be playing Fletch. As somebody, and more importantly, as somebody who has read all the Fletch books, I can tell you that Lee would be good as Fletch, even if he is too old for the part (Fletch Won is the story of how Fletch breaks his first big story, and as far as I can tell, the character is in his early twenties, fair-haired and looks young for his age).

But the mythical Harvey Weinstein (to whom Jake insists he is related in some distant way) wants a STARR (that's emphasis, not Ringo) to play Fletch, so word is that Kevin Smith is considering Ben Affleck, Jimmy Fallon, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler or Will Smith as replacements.

Come on! They're ALL too old (BRAD PITT is 57 YEARS OLD! I SWEAR TO GOD), some are hams and one has too big a chin. Doesn't Smith realise he has a much better Fletch right under his nose? One who's been in one of his films? One who's a STARR?


THE DAWSON (otherwise known as James Van Der Beek) is the right age, the right physical type and we know from JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and THE RULES OF ATTRACTION that he can handle both comedy and acting like an arrogant creep (Fletch does not act like an arrogant creep, but good arrogant creep acting is nevertheless a notable skill).

I suggest casting THE DAWSON as Fletch. If it goes horribly wrong, I'll take responsibility.


A GUY THING is rated M, runs 101 minutes and has a crappy poster, even though Julia Stiles is on it. It stars Jason Lee, Julia Stiles and Selma Blair.


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