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MAY 2, 2005

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Recently I've been told by several of my friends that they have started blogging and I "just have to check out their blog." For starters I never "have" to check anything out but being the kind person I am, I went and looked at their blog.

After reading a few of them I first had to find something to justify the time I just spent reading the blog so I wouldn't feel ashamed that I am wasting my life and hence what I'm writing here is said justification. Secondly I suddenly found myself having flashbacks to 1998. It was a time when everyone I knew started up their own websites. I was being told by almost everyone that I "have to check out their website" and "how cool it is to be on the web". You want to know what I saw, pictures of pets and other useless crap. After about six weeks the fad and enthusiasm for the site dropped off and so once again I was saved from wasting my life or better yet being allowed to go back to wasting my life my way.

But this wasn't just localised to my friends, no, you see in 1998 or so the web was getting some major momentum and some major popularity. Everyone had given up on dialling into bulletin boards to download their porn and got their 28.8 modems or if they were really lucky the new advanced 56.6 modems and started hooking up to this new thing called the internet mostly for their porn. The worse thing about new technology is that everyone wants to show how good they are with it. This was no different with the web and since people could have themselves up on the web suddenly personal websites were popping up faster than a cool breeze gives a pubescent teenage boy a hard on.

However, lucky for most of us like all fads people got bored of having a website quickly. Another example of a stupid fad - The Macarena, people thought that song was fucking awesome and now if you ask anyone about that song they will tell you it was fucking shit. - So like many things on the internet people stopped this personal website stuff because they had nothing to fill them with and those who did have something interesting probably still do. Why? Simple really, if you having something of interest to offer the world you keep doing it no matter what the medium. So for some time the internet returned to what it is good for, allowing people to easy access as much porn as they can from anywhere in the world.

But back to blogging, you see blogging has become a new way for people to give meaning to their lives. By blogging you publish your thoughts in an acceptable diary format for the entire world to see. But you see much like the personal website paradox many people don't have anything interesting to say and therefore their blog is boring as shit.

Now being the "good" IT lecturer I pretend to be I looked up what blogging is from one of the many reputable websites I use - - and got the official meaning of the word weblog which is actual term, and this I what it says

"A weblog (sometimes shortened to blog or written as "web log" or "Weblog") is a Web site of personal or non-commercial origin that uses a dated log format that is updated on a daily or very frequent basis with new information about a particular subject or range of subjects. The information can be written by the site owner, gleaned from other Web sites or other sources, or contributed by users.

A weblog often has the quality of being a kind of "log of our times" from a particular point-of-view. Generally, weblogs are devoted to one or several subjects or themes, usually of topical interest, and, in general, can be thought of as developing commentaries, individual or collective on their particular themes. A weblog may consist of the recorded ideas of an individual (a sort of diary) or be a complex collaboration open to anyone. Most of the latter are moderated discussions."

I'd like to point to a key word in there "usually of topical interest." I'd like to think that my life has topical interest to others but I'm a realist, my life is pretty boring much like yours and therefore you don't care what time I take a shit in the morning (usually when I get up at 8:30am) or when I eat dinner (usually at 6pm most nights) because this stuff is no way interesting to anyone, except maybe to my doctor and I doubt she really cares.

You see my point is that blogs are good for the world but only if what you're writing about is interesting to people. Like any good book, movie or mime the shit you're showing me must be interesting or else like many mimes I'm gonna come over and hit you very hard or do something very worse like have me write about 900 words about what your doing and why its bad for society.

So for your sake and mine don't blog unless you've got something really important to discuss because I don't care about what time you took a shit but I do care if you're close to discovering a cure for cancer. And if you need any other reason but this one it will at least stop me from writing articles like this one that wastes your time.


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