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JULY 25, 2005

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This film has had its release date pushed back several times and usually when this happens it means that the film didn't do so great at the US box office and the film company are reconsidering whether to release it here or not.

An example of this is with one of my all time favourite films, BASEketball. For months and months I had seen ads that it was gonna be released and eventually it went straight to video due to its lousy US box office sales. So you can see my concerns even before I got to Flight of the Phoenix that the film was possibly gonna be lousy.

Then on the morning of the screening more bad omens appeared. I missed my train then the train that followed it was 30 minutes late. At 9:30am being on a cold rainy train station is not fun, waiting for a late train doesn't help and knowing that you may be late to a film that has the potential of not being at all good is worse. Alas, I arrived just in time to catch the opening titles and sat down pretty tired from the run I took to get to the screening. What I saw actually was a good movie and let me tell you why.

So a group of oil riggers and their pilots crash land in the middle of the Mongolian desert after a freak sand storm. All hope is lost until freaky German backpacker Elliot (Giovanni Ribisi) claims he is an airplane designer and can design a new plane from the wreckage. Not knowing what else to do the survivors begin to build a new plane before they run out of food and water.

I really did enjoy this film because most of the clichéd bits of it didn't happen til the last twenty minutes or so and then I was fine with them happening. Everyone in this film gives a pretty good performance as well. Hugh Laurie, who is now becoming better known as a dramatic actor these days as opposed to his comedic actor roots many of us would know is great as the "company man", Ian, confident that they will be saved because the company owes it to them. Miranda Otto gets some good laughs by being an Aussie while Giovanni Ribisi is really creepy as Elliot the freaky German designer and Dennis Quaid is, well, Dennis Quaid, loveable and funny.

The soundtrack to this movie is really good and in some scenes really sets the tone well. Overall Flight of the Phoenix is a fun enjoyable movie about being lost in the desert but the only thing that really confused was that Miranda Otto is a redhead and she never seems to get sun burnt, something many redheads will tell you is almost impossible in normal circumstances let alone being in a desert.


FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX stars Dennis Quaid, Tyrese, Giovanni Ribisi and Miranda Otto. It's rated M and runs 113 minutes.


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